Sprinkler Repair

In Tyler, Lindale, Whitehouse and East Texas

Sprinkler Repair

Repairing Your Sprinklers

In the blistering heat of East Texas, we know how your grass suffers. Withering away in the constantly-beating sun—not to mention long droughts—it can be hard for your grass to grow!

And with the sprinklers running for hours each day, they can undergo wear and tear at record speeds!

That’s why you need sprinkler repair.

With CE Irrigation, we can diagnose your sprinklers and see what’s the matter. No matter what, our expert team of sprinkler repairmen are here for you.

Sprinkler repair in action—installing the sprinkler system

What Exactly Needs Repairing?

In the world of sprinkler repair, many things can go wrong. Whether it be a clogged or a broken sprinkler head, we know exactly what to do.

Basic things such as leaking sprinkler heads we can fix—just Call Us to get your little patch-up done!

Whenever a sprinkler head is broken, we have the tools to fix it. Our expert team tracks down the problem, and we ensure you get a good replacement to avoid further problems.

We’ll also check for low water pressure, making sure all the water is pumped through the sprinklers correctly.

Additionally, we can check broken valves, ensuring it’s set up correctly.

If you ever had nozzles blocked by debris or dirt, we’ll come around and check out what’s going on!

Finally, we’ll look for issues with the main control. If you’re experiencing problems with the timers, be sure to Give Us a Call—we’ll jump right on the problem!

What if You Can’t Fix It?

If you are experiencing problems beyond sprinkler repair, then it’s time to start looking at replacing your system.

The process isn’t too different from a basic installation: we just have to remove the old sprinkler heads as we swap in your new system.

Check out our other services to ensure your sprinkler doesn’t break again:

When you need these, CE Irrigation is the team for you to call!

Why CE Irrigation?

When it comes to your lawn, you always want to have someone upholding the highest standards.

Luckily, as your local irrigation providers, we have standards that are matched by no other!

Firstly, we are completely upfront and honest. If any problems arise with your sprinkler repair, you can trust us to tell you straight away!

Our no-secrets policy ensures your trust won’t go to waste elsewhere.

Additionally, we’re local. As a local irrigation company, we know the area better than any competitors. Living in Lindale and Tyler, we know the land like the back of our hand.

If you’re interested in a knowledgeable, local irrigation company, Contact Us!

And finally, we are completely insured.

To make sure nothing goes awry with your sprinkler system, we are fully insured, fully trustworthy and fully licensed—nothing will get out of our hands!

But don’t take our word for it! Check out What People Say about us!