Lawn Care

Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns is your resource for custom landscaping in and around Tyler TX.

Maintain a Beautiful Lawn


Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns, LLC is an unparalleled lawn care service in Tyler & Lindale, TX. We have experienced laborers and office staff willing and ready to help. Call us for a Free Quote on Lawn Care Services. We’ll cut your grass, trim the hedges, and blow the debris from your driveway, sidewalks, and patios – just like most other companies. How are we different? We are Veteran owned and operated and with that comes close attention to detail, pride, and willing to help guide or assist you with maintain a healthy lawn. At Cutting Edge Irrigation and Lawns we simply do it better than any other company. We offer many different cut schedules to fit every home owner’s needs. You can be set up on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and we offer even better rates for yearly customers. We know the pain that our prospective clients must deal with – unanswered calls, no returned calls, billing problems, and unlicensed and uninsured workers. At Cutting Edge Irrigation and Lawns, we’re the opposite of all others. Give us a call, email us, Facebook us, or fill out a contact form. Any way you like, we’d love to speak with you about your lawn.