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CE Irrigation’s Services

Keeping your lawn beautiful year-round can be a hassle—we know.

That’s why we, at CE Irrigation, offer landscaping services.

Our local Tyler irrigation team is here to help you with what you need, keeping your yard picture-perfect year-round.

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If you’re interested or need any of these things, be sure to Give Us a Call right away!

All of our options are fully customizable, and we’ll always do the best we can to ensure you’re satisfied with your yard.

landscaping gardener laying turf for a new lawn

Here to Serve You

Our irrigation services are flexible and made for you.

When in need of only a few certain services, we’ll happily do what little needs to be done; consequently, we’ll do as much as you like to keep your yard looking stunning.

If you’re looking at our landscape design, we can make your lawn’s layout gorgeous. Our local irrigation services will get you the ideal floor plan for you and your family.

It also doesn’t matter the property you live in—we do both Residential Landscaping and Commercial Landscaping.

Our services include Mulching Services as well, perfect for gardening and flower beds.

Outdoor Lighting is also available—if you want to spend nights outdoors with your family, or even just have a well-lit yard in the moonlight, our outdoor lighting services are here to help!

We offer Drainage Solutions as well, protecting you from the floods and storms of East Texas.

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Why Choose Us?

We believe in three things that raise us from the crowd.

These things ensure our customer’s satisfaction with their services and keep us away from being average.

First of all, we’re completely honest. You’ll never run into a situation where we’ve kept a secret from you, making us a trustworthy company.

If you want someone you can trust, we’re the group to call.

Our team is also well-educated.

Being locals, we know the Tyler and Lindale area better than any other landscaping service. As experts on your lawn, you can stay calm knowing that your lawn’s in good hands.

Our team is also veteran-owned and operated. We are insured, listened and fully trustworthy. If you’re worried about any legalities or problems that may arise, our local irrigation team has everything under control—that’s a promise.

Choose us as your local irrigation team now!