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Did you know that a single crabgrass plant can produce up to 75,000 seeds that will lay dormant until the timing is right for it to grow and spread? Incredibly resilient, weeds are the ire of many homeowners. Due to our mild temperatures, weeds pop up all year long. While we offer spot treatment service, we highly recommend getting on our annual service program designed to eradicate weeds and encourage healthy lawn growth.

Our 8-step annual program includes a series of 2 pre-emergent treatments, 2 post-emergent treatments and 4 lawn fertilizations. What to expect:

• January 15-March 31 Winter Fertilizer application to encourage healthy Spring growth.
• January 16-April 1 Spring Pre-Emergent prevents weed seedlings and sprouts.
• April 1-June 30 Spring Herbicide to kill weeds already sprouted and growing.
• April 17-July 31 Spring Fertilizer application to keep lawn thick and healthy, making it harder for weeds to grow.
• June 1-September 30 Summer Fertilizer application to boost your lawn’s growth during the hot weather.
• July 17-October 16 Summer Pre-Emergent to prevent seasonal weed seedlings and sprouts.
• September 18-November 20 Fall Herbicide to kill already spouted and growing weeds.
• October 16-December 18 Fall Fertilizer to overwinter your lawn.

You can join our program anytime. Each treatment application will be billed after it has been completed. You do not need to pay for the year in advance.

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