Artificial Grass

Do you want the perfect lawn? What if you never had to mow your grass again? With CE Irrigation, all of this could be possible. Instead of having grass that grows constantly in the springtime, you can replace it with the perfect-height lawn that never grows.

When extreme temperatures come around and the water bill goes up do you want an alternative? Artificial grass has become more well known and widely used, so it’s often seen as a benefit raising the value of your home. With a wide variety to choose from, artificial grass now looks just as amazing as real grass, if not better.

If you’re thinking about installing artificial grass, look no further! Our professional team is here for your turf installation, and we’re prepared to answer any questions you have. Turf has been known for many things, and often is thought of as “fake grass”—however, it’s so much more than that! Artificial grass is easy to use and durable. When installed correctly, it won’t tear as easily as normal grass. Additionally, our team can help you find the perfect turf option. If you want your grass to still look realistic, we’ll ensure you get the perfect option for your lawn. 

Turf installation is a fragile process, and when wrongly installed, various problems will arise. It may sink awkwardly, leaving potholes in your yard. With CE Irrigation, you’ll be satisfied knowing your project is in good hands.

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