Sticker Burr Control

In Tyler, Lindale, Whitehouse and East Texas

Sticker Burr Control

Getting Rid of Stickers and Burrs

Perhaps the most annoying thing in anyone’s yard, stickers overthrow your lawn rapidly. As they stick to your feet and cling onto your ankles, poking you in painful ways, there’s only one way to stop this pain: getting rid of all the burrs!

With CE Irrigation, you can get rid of them once and for all.

Our team will swoop in and exterminate stickers. When you’re tired of them bringing pain to your lovely yard, be sure to Call Us for sticker burr control!

In addition to sticker burr control, we offer:

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Sticker burr control making grass burr-free

Customized Sticker Burr Control

All of our services are fully customizable.

No matter how small your yard is, our team can help you with your sticker burr control situation.

We come into any lawn situation, no matter how dire, and give you the chance to make it beautiful. Our team will change overgrown, messy and sticker-filled grass into an area perfect for family time.

With short grass and a clean lawn sticker-free, you can finally enjoy the outdoors with your family again!

Be sure to ask for a custom quote on sticker-burr control today!

Why Choose Us for Your Sticker Problem?

As you’re dealing with the annoying burrs in your yard, you can trust CE Irrigation to take care of the problem.

We believe and promise three things that ensure our customer’s satisfaction—see what Customers Think About CE Irrigation.

One, our team is perfectly honest. When a difficult situation rises, we’ll be sure to let you know what’s going on. Our team will find the best route to go, and we’ll always be upfront when you have questions.

Two, our team is local. Unlike many irrigation corporations, we know the Tyler area by heart. If you’re looking for someone who know the soil and land, then we’re the people to call.

Three, we’re veteran-owned and operated. Being fully licensed, fully qualified and fully insured, CE Irrigation always has everything under control. There’s nothing out of hands.

When you’re looking for someone who won’t let you down and offers services above and beyond, Contact CE Irrigation.