Spring Sprinkler Start-Up

In Tyler, Lindale, Whitehouse and East Texas

Spring Sprinkler Start-Up

Starting Your Sprinklers Back Up

After the icy weather has faded in East Texas, it’s time to get your sprinkler running again.

Your sprinklers need special care as they adapt to the new weather, and your local sprinkler start-up team is here for you!

When it comes to starting up your sprinklers, you have to be careful to do the process just right. If anything goes wrong when you open the valves again, it could resort in cracking and breaking your sprinklers!

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Sprinkler start-up to make your grass green

How Do You Start Up My Sprinklers?

Sprinkler start-up is a difficult job that requires a delicate process.

Our team has what it takes to get that process right.

The first thing we’ll check is the weather. In order to avoid frozen pipes, we check to see for another freeze. When the weather is promising, we can get started on your project!

We’ll check all your sprinkler heads, ensuring everything is safely intact. Any damage that occurred during the freeze we’ll look for—if you want to avoid winter damage, check out our Sprinklers Winterization Services.

Then, our team will carefully open up the valves. This can be risky when doing it yourself, so be sure to Call the Experts.

Opening up a valve too quickly can and will result in cracked pipes, broken sprinkler heads or an all-around need to replace your system.

Lastly, we make sure everything is ready to go for watering your lawn.

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Why CE Irrigation?

As your local irrigation professionals, we always uphold the highest standards. We make sure your lawn is beautiful and functional year-round, promising our customers are kept happy with their yard.

Our company is completely honest.

We maintain a no-secret, full-trust policy. If something comes up during the process of sprinkler start-up, we’ll be sure to let you know right away! Our team believes in keeping an open line of communication.

CE Irrigation is also local.

To make sure your home isn’t placed with someone alien to the area, Contact Us. We’re a local company, and we know the area better than anyone else. Established in the Lindale and Tyler area, we know your land better than anyone else.

Additionally, we are fully insured.

Our company is insured to make sure nothing gets out of our hands. We’re also fully licensed and fully trustworthy, promising our customers full satisfaction with us.

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Choose CE Irrigation as your local irrigation provider!