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If your lawn and plantings aren't thriving, your soil might be lacking the nutrients needed to support them. Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns, LLC can find out. We offer lawn fertilization services in Tyler and Waco, TX and surrounding areas. We'll do everything we can to make your lawn look green and lush.

Contact Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns now to learn more about our lawn fertilization services. Are pesky insects or weeds taking over your yard? You can count on us for weed control and pesticide services, too.

What do we need to know to fertilize your yard?

What do we need to know to fertilize your yard?

Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns, LLC is fully licensed to provide pesticide and lawn fertilization services in Tyler, TX, Waco, TX and throughout the state. When you contact us for lawn fertilization, we'll find the answers to three important questions:

  1. How much fertilization do we need? We determine this by measuring out your lawn's square footage.
  2. What are the nutrients that your soil is lacking? After a soil test, we'll decide which mixture of fertilization is best for you.
  3. When can we fertilize your lawn? Without the proper timing, your lawn won't absorb the nutrients properly.
Call 903-570-4331 in Tyler or 254-405-4947 in Waco to schedule weed control and lawn fertilization services. We'll come to your home to test your soil right away.