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Filling Dead Patches In Your Lawn

When it comes to ugly brown splotches on your lawn, there are many solutions.

One solution that stands out, however, is faster and more reliable and will cure splotches in your yard.

Overseeding is a well-known technique. In a nutshell, it covers your lawn with seeds and allows them to grow rapidly.

By filling in every available space with seeds, your yard is guaranteed to stay growing. Dead or bare spots that once took over your lawn will be filled, and your lawn will be beautiful again.

Some other ways to make sure your lawn stays stunning include:

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Overseeding preperations

How Overseeding Works

When bare spots appear in your yard, it’s a clear sign that there’s no growth.

What overseeding does is allow that patch to grow. Overseeding takes advantage of exactly this, ensuring your lawn is always filled with beautiful grass.

Additionally, the process will increase how lush your lawn is. By overseeding, you’re guaranteed to have thicker, more padded grass!

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Choose Us for Your Overseeding

As your lawn seems bare or thin, CE Irrigation is the company here for you.

Unlike most companies you’ll find, we have three standards that promise both you and your lawn’s satisfaction.

Our team is always honest.

We believe in a no-secret policy, making sure our customers can always trust us. When things happen on our end or a surprise occurs, we’ll be sure to tell you right away and fix whatever’s going on.

Our team is purely local.

Grasses are different depending on where you go. Whether you have thin and tall grass or thick and short grass, our team will be sure to get you just what you need.

Being local, we understand the East Texas grass better than any major corporation. Our team is here to ensure you get the perfect grass for your overseeding—don’t risk somewhere else!

Our team has everything under control.

As a veteran-owned and operated business, we keep the highest standards. And, to ensure nothing goes awry, we are fully insured and licensed. Legalities won’t get out of our hands!

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