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Van TX Landscaping

When you need Van TX landscaping, CE Irrigation is the team for you!

The landscape is characterized by rolling hills, forests and various small lakes and ponds. It’s a relatively flat area, but some low-lying areas are prone to frequent flooding. Beautiful forests coat some of the landscape, with a mixture of pine trees, hickory, cedar and maple trees.

With all this foliage comes the downside, though. The grass in the area grows rapidly, and pine needles coat the ground. Ensuring your lawn stays beautiful from all the overgrowth is impossible—but not with CE Irrigation.

Our professional irrigation team offers:

Enriching Your Soil with Proper Van TX Landscaping

Located on the East tip of Van Zandt County, Van is an area with frequent clay spots in its soil. Like any other clay-heavy area, flooding in the lawn is frequent. The large patches of clay don’t drain well, so it’s important to toil your dirt to make sure everything flows well.

Our team will help you till the land and fertilize it to its fullest potential. We’ll keep your grass green year-round, checking on it regularly so that it’s not too tall. Whether it’s leaves that need to be raked or dry spots that need to be watered, CE Irrigation is here for you.

Van TX landscaping

As summer rolls in, it’s crucial to have your sprinklers up and running. With every winter that comes and goes, icy weather freezes your sprinklers, making them unusable the next year. It’s important to maintain them to keep our lawn healthy.

Our team will Install Sprinklers, Repair Broken Sprinklers, Winterize Sprinklers and Start-Up Sprinklers to ensure your lawn is safe and stunning all the time! Contact Us for Your Sprinkler Needs!