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Tyler TX Landscaping

When you’re looking for Tyler TX landscaping experts, you’ve come to the right place!

With a landscape as diverse as the population, Tyler has everything from heavy woods to great plains. It’s difficult to keep up with all the work needed to maintain a lawn. With high, fast-growing grass, rapidly growing stickers, falling leaves and everything in between, it’s impossible to ensure everything gets done.

Having Tyler TX landscaping is also crucial, as navigating its extreme climate can be difficult. Heavy droughts through the summer make it impossible to keep your grass watered, and freezing temperatures can break the sprinkler too. Our professional irrigation team is here to help make your lawn beautiful.

Our services include:

Enriching Your Soil with Proper Tyler TX Landscaping

The East Texas area boasts a rich natural history. Originally part of a wooded area, this region is part of the East Texas Piney Woods. With rolling hills and dense forests, dotted with lakes and creeks and rivers, the area’s beauty is truly stunning!

Specifically, Tyler is known for having extravagant flowers, including fields of bluebonnets that truly make the springtime beautiful!

The soil in Tyler Texas is fertile, especially in growing fruit and vegetable crops. However, maintaining a proper pH balance of your soil is essential for both crops and a healthy lawn. Our team at Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns have the knowledge it takes to ensure your lawn is at it’s healthiest state.

tyler tx landscaping

Need to ensure a proper watering schedule? In the hot summertime we will keep your sprinklers running, and prep them for the winter to keep them safe. Our team helps you Install Sprinklers, Repair Broken Sprinklers, Winterize Sprinklers and Start-Up Sprinklers. Whether it’s the blistering summer of the freezing winter, be sure to Contact Us For Sprinkler Repair!