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Mineola TX Landscaping

Are you looking for professional Mineola TX landscaping? Well, look no further!

Located in the northeastern part of Texas, Mineola has a mixture of natural beauty and cultivated spaces. Known for scenic forests and rolling hills, the area has a picturesque backdrop for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and fishing. The city also has several parks and green spaces, including the Mineola Nature Preserve, which has over 2,900 acres of hiking trails, wildlife and natural habitats.

Many homeowners in Mineola also have gardens and well-cared-for lawns. Mineola TX landscaping takes pride in its beautiful environment. It has a mix of native and non-native plants and trees. Various flowers such as roses, lilies and hydrangeas decorate the local lawns as well, creating a unique blend of natural beauty and tamed spaces.

If you need Mineola TX landscaping for your lawn, be sure to Contact Us! Our services include:

Enriching Your Soil with Proper Mineola TX Landscaping

With an unusual mix of clay, sand and loam, the soil in Mineola is considered fertile and nutrient-rich. It can be ideal for growing many plants, but its unique makeup also makes it difficult to care for.

To care for your Mineola TX landscaping, it’s important to keep your lawn well-drained and aerated. Fertilization is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy soil, and using a balanced fertilizer in this region is crucial.

Our team ensures that your lawn stays in top condition. We know the perfect fertilizer for you, and we can get your grass growing at its maximum potential, while, of course, making sure it doesn’t get too tall. When you need professional Mineola TX landscaping, CE Irrigation is the team for you!

Mineola TX landscaping

Do you have a lawn that dies every summer? Perhaps you have sprinklers that don’t seem to work, or you don’t have a system and need one.

Our team is here to help you Install Sprinklers, Repair Broken Sprinklers, Winterize Sprinklers and Start-Up Sprinklers. Be sure to Contact Us for Your Sprinkler Needs!