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Lindale TX Landscaping

As you look for professional Lindale TX landscaping, our team has just what you need.

Tyler has everything East Texas has to offer. Whether it’s the heavy woods in some regions or the vast plains in others, there’s something to be said for the area. There are many native plants and animals, along with lots of foliage. With loads of stickers and leaves everywhere, it can feel impossible to keep up with everything—that’s why we’re here.

Our team provides a slew of services to keep your yard beautiful. Whether it’s dead patches on your lawn, overgrown grass, sticker problems or anything in between, we can help you.

Our Lindale TX landscaping services include:

Enriching Your Soil with Proper Lindale TX Landscaping

Having rich soil is crucial for keeping your lawn nice. The soil is, after all, what everything grows in!

Lindale has the classic red dirt of East Texas. A common problem with this is drainage. Texas red dirt is clay-heavy, making it bad for drainage situations. With the common flooding of Lindale, it’s important to balance your lawn with soils that don’t hold water as well. Our team will get you what you need to ensure flooding doesn’t happen in your yard.

It is important to keep your lawn rich by breaking up clay reserves and mixing them with other soils. Be sure to Call Us to ensure your lawn is the best it can be!

Lindale TX landscaping

When summer rolls along, it bring a brutal that will kill all the grass in your lawn. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, Sprinkler Installation is necessary. We also offer to Repair Broken Sprinklers, Winterize Sprinklers and Start-Up Sprinklers. Be sure to Contact Us for Your Sprinkler Needs.