Lawn Care Services

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Lawn Care Services

What We Do

When it comes to your lawn, there’s a world of things that need to be done—as your local Irrigation providers, we would know.

Your yard is the most important part of your home to us. It’s the first thing anyone will see, and nobody enjoys an overgrown lawn with dead leaves everywhere.

This is what our lawn care services help you avoid.

Our services range from:

If you’re interested in these lawn care services, be sure to give your local irrigation providers a call today!

Lawn care services we offer

Customized For You

Our lawn care services are fully customizable. No matter which service you need on your lawn, we’re here to help.

Whether you are looking for your lawn mowed once a month or for a weekly cleanup, we’re the people to call.

Our Lawn Mowing Service is ready for you and your lawn. We come by when your lawn needs it and mow to perfection.

We promise to go over each line and make sure everything is evened out and done well-our company would never cut corners.

Leaf Removal is another service we offer. When looking for a way to get rid of fall’s leftovers, just Give Us A Call!

Is your lawn covered in stickers? Do burrs get on your clothes when you walk in your yard? With CE Irrigation, You Can Rid of This.

Our team knows how to expertly remove all traces of the annoying little pests, and we promise to make sure you don’t suffer from them anymore. Contact Us to remove these!

With the Weed Services we provide, we’ll get rid of all your unwanted plants. Our team will kill these things to their roots, and you’ll never have to worry about them growing in your lawn again!

To avoid these things, we also have Artificial Grass Services.

Keeping your grass green year-round while pushing away all the unwanted tasks of painting a lawn, artificial grass has got your back.

Another thing to look for in your lawn is dry patches. When the lawn gets overwhelmed or malnourished, it can result in ugly spots that span your yard. If you’re looking for someone who can cure these spots, check out our Overseeding Solutions!

Finally, we offer Fertilization. To keep your grass the greenest it can be, fertilization is the best option. Our expert team of irrigation providers is here to give you advice and help you with the best fertilization available.

With a slew of lawn care services to choose from, be sure to Contact Us!

Why Choose Us?

Our team believes in three things that separate us from the crowd.

First, we are completely honest. When the unexpected happens, our team will always tell you immediately, ensuring no secrets are kept between us.

Second, we’re local. As your local lawn care services providers, we know the area better than anyone. We know the soil of East Texas better than anyone else, so choose us for your irrigation needs!

Finally, we are fully insured. Our team is ready to help you with whatever needs doing, and we make sure nothing gets out of our hands. Fully insured and fully licensed, we have everything under control with your lawn.

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