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Keeping Your Lawn Fertilized

Having a beautiful yard is the number one goal of any good lawn owner.

There are thousands of ways to keep your lawn amazing. Fertilization is just one method our team has mastered.

By adding fertilizer, you’re providing your yard with the vital nutrients it needs to grow.

We contribute to your lawn’s health, allowing your yard to grow much better. Skinny, unhealthy blades of grass will become thicker, softer grass. When your lawn grows with fertilizer, it becomes more beautiful than ever before.

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Fertilization making a lawn grow beautifully

How Can You Keep Your Lawn Healthy?

Fertilization changes your yard in amazing ways.

As it grows your yard’s potential for beauty, it will also help with various things depending on the fertilizer you use.

Some benefits can include water drainage. Fertilizer will allow your lawn to absorb water better, helping you avoid any potential flooding.

If you have insect or bug problems, some fertilizers can act as a repellent. They not only offer plant health but plant protection!

The quality of anything you may be growing in a garden will also increase. Fruits and vegetables will ripen quicker and come out tastier!

Additionally, it will strengthen your lawn in general.

If you’re looking for other ways to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, check out our other services:

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Choose CE Irrigation for Fertilization

When the health of your lawn is at stake, CE Irrigation is here to get you what you need.

Our team believes in three things that keep us above our competitors:

One, our team is upfront.

We believe in complete honesty. Our no-secret policy ensures that you can trust us with your lawn.

Two, our team is local.

Being local, we know the area better than anyone else. We are fully educated on East Texas grass and lawn, so we make sure you get the best fertilizer available.

Three, our team is veteran-owned and operated.

CE Irrigation is fully insured and licensed in everything we do. No legalities or lawn situations can get out of our hands—we want you to rest peacefully knowing your lawn is in good hands.

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